Saturday, October 8, 2011

I´m in an internet cafe that smells like piss in th middle of an impressive thunder storm in a small jungle village called Nauta. the internet connection is so slow i could scream but i thought i should give a quick update considering i´ve been too busy/ without internet for weeks. so for the those of you who are still with me:

Today I arrived in Nauta. I hung my hammock in a corner of a cargo ship for 3 days to get here. I am now staying with a family in their typical jungle home. Palm roof, dirt floor, no running water or bathoom. Today I took a bath in the river while simulataneously doing my laundry. this is a humbling experience. Tomorrow we head out for 4 days of rustic camping deep in the amazon jungle. we will go in search of adventure. nothing more and nothing less.

the first night on the cargo ship i experienced the biggest storm of my life. the lightning was cracking directly over the boat and the monsoon was so thick the visibility was down to nothing. my hammock swung as we coasted through the tropical storm, i prayed furiously that we were still on route and wouldn´t crash. the engine screamed through the night and the the thunder shook the entire cargo ship. the cows on the first floor must have been shitting themselves. Finally, i got out of my hammock and left the safety of the covered area where i ¨slept¨. we were stopped up against the bank of dense jungle, the headlights blasting the foliage. the rain pounded the river, pounded the boat, pounded the jungle, i stuck my face out so it hit me too. i watch the lightning and thunder and waited while the rain softened. i went back to bed. i slept until morning to and old man shaking me yelling ¨COME! DESAYUNO. EAT. EAT. NANCY. LISA. LINDSAY. COME¨. fuck. i put one foot down, a giant beetle clumsily stomped around on my foot. i´m in the jungle now.


  1. nothing like a jungle monsoon to lull you to sleep, huh?
    Sounds like quite a boat ride.


  2. wow, another crazy adventure. That sounds scary. glad you are safe and sound.....hope you enjoy/survive the simple life in the jungle i cant wait to skype again! love you linds

  3. Thats so cool Lindsay. I looked up some info on're in the Amazon! Or the Amazonian Lowlands and Wiki says. Have fun, bring me back a monkey. Do you have plans to head over to Brazil?